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Ambitious - Honest - Creative - Adventurous - Curious - Friendly -

My name is Jordi van Hasselt, a Dutchie with a Bachelor’s degree in Pharmaceutical Sciences from VU and a Master’s degree in Entrepreneurship from VU/UVA. During my time as a student, I gained valuable experience as a Commissioner Acquisition for the student association of Pharmaceutical Sciences, where I developed my skills in running an organization, sales, and relationship building.

Apart from academics, I have a variety of interests, including traveling, investing, cooking, entrepreneurship, economics, sports, reading and bartending. I am known for being ambitious, honest, creative, adventurous, and curious – traits that have helped me to excel both personally and professionally.

Currently, I am seeking for a full-time job in the financial industry, where I can combine my interests in economics and entrepreneurship. I am passionate about solving complex challenges, advising clients and making a positive impact on peoples’/firms’ life.

Traits, Languages and Skills

Things I’m Learning

Webdesign & Web development

How: Watching Youtube video’s, reading articles, scrolling through design inspiration, trial and error.

Find More Focus

How: reading the book ‘Focus’ by Daniel Goleman, deleting useless apps on my phone.

Trading & Investing

How: Mostly by doing and learning from mistakes, Youtube video’s, online research, analyzing charts.


How: Reading ‘The 22 Immutable Laws of Branding’ by Al- and Laura Ries, creating case studies for my portfolio.